Transfiguring Time

Transfiguring Time

Transfiguring TimeTransfiguring Time

By Olivier Clément

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Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Oliver Clément is one of the really original Christian minds of the last generation, poetic, visionary and profound. His work is still exceptionally fresh, offering an exhilarating sense of the scale and beauty of traditional Christianity for our era, and it needs to be far more widely known. This fine translation of an early work of his shows the quality of his mind and imagination and I hope it will whet the appetite of many readers to discover more. 

Rodney Purcell Devenish, Buddhist Meditation instructor, founder of Kunzang Samten Yangtse Hermitage

This is a profound meditation on religious history in general. The question of time and its relation to the meaning and understanding of Christianity, and that of space and the temporal dimension relative to the transcendental remains one of the greatest mysteries confronting the human mind. 

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Transfiguring Time was reviewed by Olga Lossky-Laham, in  The Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies, Fordham University, Volume 2, Number 2,  2019  "In this first essay 

of Olivier Clément we can already find ... all the main themes on which he will later focus:  the centrality of the human person,  the eschatological tension of the Christian called to live in the middle of the world ..."   

Transfiguring Time was reviewed by Daniel Greeson for the Englewood Review, July 2019 .  "Clément’s work has been some of the most lyrical and encouraging theology I have read in some time. "  - See Reviews Section

Transfiguring Time was reviewed by Alvaro Silva for Revista Mayéutica, Madrid, Summer 2019 "¿Tendrá la Ortodoxia, con su sentido del fin de los tiempos y su profundidad espiritual, la oportunidad de aportar todo su bagaje humano y cósmico a la comprensión de las doctrinas de la Iglesia?" - See Reviews Section

This book is available from New City Press

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