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Transfiguring Time, Transfigurer Le Temps – Notes sur le Temps à la Lumière de la Tradition Orthodoxe,  Olivier Clément's  first book, was born from his encounter with Orthodoxy Christianity. The concepts explored in the book, paradise, eternity, eon, act, freedom, liturgy, and sacrament,  are constantly reexamined and rewoven in the light of the  Incarnation.

Clément draws on his deep study of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Indian myths to differentiate the conception of time and eternity in archaic religions, in Hinduism and in Buddhism, from the Christian understanding of time and eternity. 

Transfiguring Time resonates with biblical imagery and with the language of Orthodox hymns and troparia. It is a unique meditation on the meaning of time and eternity, rooted in both the patristic tradition, and in  the newness of Clément’s encounter with Christianity.

 Jeremy Ingpen began translating from French, German and Russian with poems by Eluard, Rilke and Akhmatova. He resumed translating after a forty-year career in economic research, management consulting and affordable housing, focusing on lesser-known works of French orthodox theology. He studied orthodox theology at Saint Serge Theological Institute.  email jni AT

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